In Some Other Time And Place

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I noticed that the readers of this story were either American, Australian, British, Greek, Austrian or Spanish. Because I like my readers (no matter how few they are), I decided to have Marina who is half Greek and half Austrian, Lucia who is Spanish and Allison who is Australian. There will be an American OC as well. No need for Brits, HP is full of them!

Chapter 3, Sodom and Gomorrah

Jean Granger was a truly stunning woman. She was just under six feet tall and had a slim, attractive figure. Her dark red hair was pin straight and very long and her eyes were a piercing, bright green. She always looked perfect and dressed to impress even when she was only shopping for groceries. Jean Granger was much more than a simple suburban housewife, which was obvious to anyone who spent more than five minutes with her.

Richard Granger was rather plain-looking. Average hight, average built, average looks... He had short brown hair, dull brown eyes and a face that was very easy to forget. He worked from nine to five every weekday and always got home to his wife in time for dinner. He felt blessed to have a wife like Jean, beautiful and smart. She took care of everything by herself and still had the time to look ar perfect as she did. His wife wore the pants in their marriage, which was obvious to anyone who spent more than five seconds with them.

While Richard parked the car, Jean opened the door and walked in. The house looked exactly like it had the last time she had seen it - clean and tidy - which was no surprise, knowing Hermione and her borderline-OCD habits. It was awfully quiet so she assumed Hermione was sleeping and went upstairs to wake her up.

Just because she stays up all night reading, it doesn't mean she should sleep till noon, the woman thought.

Opening the door to her daughter's room, Mrs. Granger almost fainted in shock.

The formerly wooden floor was now white marble and the walls were also white instead of the light yellow it had been for years. All the furniture had obviously been replaced and everything was black! The desk was black, the bookcase was black, the chest was black, the closet was black... And the huge bed whose backboard was on the north wall, opposite the desk, bookshelf and door was also black . Jean hung onto the doorframe, needing support. She couldn't believe what she was seeing!

That's when Jean gasped and a hand flew to her chest. She felt faint once again. On the bed were three half-naked females, so close together it was hardly possible to discern where one ended and the other began.

The one on the left had long black hair with dark blue highlights, tanned skin and was wearing a leopard-print bra and g-string. Nothing else. She had an arm and a leg wrapped around the one in the middle, who appeared to be sleeping peacefully.

The one on the right had shorter, dark-brown hair, a fair complexion and wore a skimpy red babydoll with white hearts on it, white lace on the bust and a matching g-string. Jean felt disgusting even looking at them, considering their dress. However, her gaze went back to the one in the middle.

She was partially covered by the other girls but upon closer inspection... She had a tanned skin but lighter than the girl on her left and her hair was blonde with highlights. She was wearing what appeared to be a light blue, lycra mesh teddy. She couldn't be... Dear, sweet god...

"Hermione!", the redhead screamed in anger and opened the mauve/dark green curtains violently, letting the sunlight in.

The girl in question opened her eyes lazily and the other girls seemed to wake up as well.

Jean walked around the room, examining it further, face flushed both with anger and slight embarassment.

The desk was large and tidy, as was the bookcase. Everything else was a mess; the top two drawers of the chest were open, its contents visible. Jean hesitantly picked up one black lacy pair of panties, dropping it instantly upon discovering that it was crotchless. She would hardly have the bravery to buy such a thing, let alone her daughter! Her anger flared again.

The closet was open and most of the clothes were on the floor. She didn't look closely but these were definitely not Hermione's old clothes. On the floor next to the bed were about five pillows that formed a circle and in the middle an empty bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label. Next to one of the pillows there was an ashtray - with ash! - and Jean noticed a pack of Malboro Reds near it.

"Jean? What's going on here?", came Richard Granger's voice from the door. "Nevermind, I'll be going now", he said noticing the half-naked girls.

"I want you downstairs in ten minutes, not a minute later young lady! And get these girls out of my house!", Jean hissed and followed her husband.


Precisely eleven minutes later the three girls made their way to the Grangers' living room. The black-haired girl was wearing a pair of denim hotpants, a tight grey tank top and sneakers while the other girl had a blue summer dress on and a pair of white sandals. Hermione, on the other hand, only had a short light blue satin robe on which wasn't even closed. It revealed far too much, and Jean had to avert her eyes.

Hermione walked the girls to the door, said goodbye and went back to the living room to deal with her parents. Standing there with her arms crossed she waited for her mother to speak first.

"What was going on up there? What happened to your room? And these girls... What were you wearing? What are you wearing? And what happened to your hair?", her mother exploded.

"I had a sleepover last night, so they slept over. I decided to redecorate, obviously. Allison and Lucia, what about them? A lovely teddy I bought about three weeks ago. The teddy plus a matching robe. A hair stylist. Does that cover you?", Hermione answered nonchalantly.

"You will not talk to me that way, young lady!" Jean shouted.

"Young lady? Doesn't this make you... Old lady?" Hermione smirked.

Jean seemed furious by then, "Who do you think you're talking to? Are you... You... I expected much more from you!"

"Like what? What did you expect from me, mother?" Hermione raised her voice, anger seeping into her words.

"Not this! Your father and I left you alone here believing you would be responsible and would behave. Instead, I came home and found Sodom and Gomorrah in my daughter's bedroom! What happened to you?" Jean asked angrily.

"What happened to me? Oh, I'll tell you what happened to me. I grew up, that's what happened to me! You think that what, I am going to sit here with my nose in a book when I can... When I can live? I'm fifteen years old mother, not five and not fifty. And it's high time you realised that. I'm not changing - well, I am, but not in the way you'd want me to. And you better accept this or I will be out of here before you say Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes." Hermione said, now face-to-face with her mother.

Jean Granger, normally a strict and bossy woman who always got her way did the unexpected.

"Alright," she said, resgined, and started walking away. She was almost out of the room when she stopped and without turning around asked her daughter with a calm voice, "Are you still going to the Weasley's?"

Hermione was perplexed by her mother's behaviour but answered as calmly as her mother, "No, I wrote to Ron and told him I couldn't go."

"I'll be with your father. You do...whatever it is that you want to do." Jean said and walked away, leaving a confused but triumphant Hermione in her wake.

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When Hermione got back from shopping, she was exhausted. She had spent hours buying stuff with Marina and had the time of her life!

Apparently Marina wasn't as shy as she appeared when they first met. She was a good girl but she wasn't the boring nerd Hermione was when she was young. She was fun and open-minded, something Hermione needed in a friend. Her only female friend was Ginny and she couldn't stand be around her anymore. She hated the caricature Ginny had become. It reminded her of the Muggle movie, Stepford Wives. Ginny Potter was exactly that; nothing less and nothing more. A shadow of her former self, someone Hermione felt only pity for.

Trying to think of something else, Hermione remembered that she wasn't an adult and that the Ministry would know if she performed any magic. The spell her godson had created came to her mind; it wasn't exactly a spell, but a ward that prevented the Ministry from being alerted when an underage person performed magic. Also remembering that the house had no protective wards she took her wand and started warding the house.

Tired from the long -but fun- day she'd had, Hermione went upstairs to her bedroom and charmed her bags to follow her. It was a struggle to carry them home but with Marina's help she managed to carry them to her door. She started undressing and then went to bed in her undies. Before she closed her eyes, she wished this wasn't a dream.

"In Some Other Time And Place" (25YL Sequel)

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A/N: So here's the sequel to "25 Years Later". Hermione's mother looks like Famke Janssen. I know this isn't canon but in this story, the school year starts 1/9 and ends 1/6. Oh and this si unBetaed.

Chapter 1, "Hermione Granger -not Weasley"

"Hermione! Wake up!"

Hermione Jane Granger -not Weasley- was sleeping deeply in her bed with only the top of her head and her hair out of the covers. It was the third time her mother had called her name but she still hadn't woken up. Frustrated, Jean Granger burst in her daughter's room and opened the windows, letting the sunlight fill the room.

By that time Hermione had started waking up and pulled the covers down a bit so that her head was visible. Observing her surroundings, she muttered a sleepy "What?" and looked at the woman standing next to her bed.

"Me and your father are leaving, we'll be back next month to take you to the Weasleys, okay dear?", the woman said smiling mechanically.

"What the-", Hermione started saying but was interrupted by her mother.

"You'll be a good girl, won't you? Don't worry darling, we trust you completely. Call me or your father if you need anything. There's money in my nightstand and Richard left you one of his credit cards on the kitchen table. Oh, I really need to go now.", she said checking her watch before leaving.

Hermione stayed in bed frozen for almost 20 minutes, trying to figure out what was happening, or how it was happening. She had heard of wizards and witches having long and vivid dreams or nightmares, thinking they were awake when in reality they weren't. But how could a dream last 25-30 years? As a child she sometimes dreamt of herself as a young woman or an old lady but this... This can't have been a dream! It was a life. It was a detailed description of years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds!

And then it came to her.

I wish that I could be in some other time and place, with someone else's family and someone else's face.

She was definitely in another time and in another place, but her family -despite not having a husband or children- was still the same and she was the same as well. And judging from the breeze she felt on her body, she was also completely naked.

Looking down, her suspicions were confirmed but that wasn't the only thing she noticed. The lack of scars was shocking. Inspecting her body, the only scar she spotted was the one on her inner thigh from when she fell from her friend Jenny's tree house. She went to her bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth; she almost screamed when she saw herself in the mirror. She looked so young! And her hair was a mess! A few years after the war she had created a potion that made her hair much more manageable. It wouldn't become straight but her bushy mane turned into soft curls.

She couldn't figure out what was happening but she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Deciding to explore the house (it had been decades since she had last been there) she went back to her bedroom to start from there.

Her room was rather large and spacious with few wooden furniture. There was a small bed she had ever since she was little, a nightstand, a desk with a chair and a small closet because she didn't have many clothes. The floor was wooden as well, and the walls were painted a light yellow. One wall was all windows and the others had shelves for her many books.

Hermione went to the closet and started searching for something to wear. She put on a pair of blue jeans, a red t-shirt and her sneakers, this time choosing to also wear underwear. She walked down the stairs and went to see the rest of the house, which looked different since the last time she'd seen it. It wasn't strange since her mother redecorated every year, but it was irritating not knowing where everything is. On the coffee table she saw a newspaper and went to check the date.

June 3rd, 1994? Wow, she thought.

She went to the kitchen and saw her father's credit card on the counter. Her parents travelled a lot during the holidays and were gone for most of the time. When she was little they used to hire babysitters but after she got her Hogwarts letter they decided she was old enough and capable to be on her own. After all, she was a "mature young lady". Mature my arse, she thought. Just because she had her nose stuck in a book and had no friends her age...

Standing there, Hermione realised she had nothing to do and decided to go out -something she had never done the other times she was home alone. She grabbed her keys, her father's credit card and was about to leave when she realised another thing; she had nowhere to go. Perhaps the park was a good option... She hadn't been there in ages!

The park was close to her house and it took her less than 10 minutes to go there on foot. The park was her favorite place when she was a kid because no one else went there and she could be alone. So imagine her surprise when she saw another person sitting on her bench.

It was a girl, probably a teenager and the first thing Hermione noticed was her very long and very curly dark brown hair. What the hell, she thought and went to say hi to the mystery girl.

"Hello", she said and the girl jumped and screamed. Hermione took a step back, "Hay there. Didn't mean to scare you... Are you okay?"

The girl blushed, "Yes, I'm sorry for screaming. I just hadn't heard you."

"I'm Hermione, I live nearby."

"Hermione... Sounds epic. I'm Marina. I live nearby too but you probably don't know me. I moved here a few days ago. I don't know anyone...", she said looking sad.

"Really? Well I go to a boarding school and I'm away most of the year so I don't have any friends here either. What are you doing here?", Hermione asked.

"Oh I was just reading a book. Want to sit with me?", Marina suggested.

"I would love to but now I think about it... Would you like to go somewhere else?"

"Like where?", Marina asked.

Noticing Marina's plain clothes and remembering her own weren't much better, an idea came to her mind "Let's go shopping! I'll pay. I don't know any good places to tell you the truth but I'm sure we'll find one.".

Marina looked confused, "You...You want to hang out with me?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I? You seem like a nice girl.", Hermione smiled.

"Uhm... Alright then. Let's go.", Marina smiled back.

The girls walked and talked for a few minutes getting to know each other before deciding to take a taxi. They didn't know where to go so they asked the driver who told them the mall was a good place to start -his teenage daughter spent most of her time there.

Hermione felt a bit strange hanging out with a girl younger than her daughter but reminded herself that at the moment she didn't have a daughter and sincerely hoped this wouldn't change.

25 Years Later Chapter 2, "A Wish Upon A Street Light"

Chapter 2, "A Wish Upon A Street Light"

It was almost midnight and she got out of the club, needing to get some fresh air. She put her bag on the pavement and carefully sat on it because her feet were killing her. She rubbed her temples, took a deep breath and was about to get up when she saw something that nearly made her heart stop.

"Dr...Draco?", she looked up and said to the man standing under the street light. "Draco, is that... It can't be you!"

The man offered his hand to her but she hesitated before taking it. He pulled her to her feet and then got closer to her, putting his arms on either sides of her body.

"It's me princess... I'm here", he whispered in her ear.

"What... How?", she asked looking into his eyes.

"Do you believe in magic, Hermione?", he laughed.

She smiled, "I believe in you..."

"If you had one wish right now, what would it be?"

"What are you talking about? What's happening Dray?"

He held her closer, "You have three wishes and the first two don't count baby... That's what's happening".

"I... I wish that I could be in some other time and place, with someone else's soul and someone else's face.", she said with tears in her eyes.

"I'm sorry I left you, we'll meet again soon though", he leaned closer and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. He ended the kiss just as she had started deepening it and she whimpered in protest.

He winked at her, and in a flash he was gone, leaving nothing but glitter in the air. She stood there stunned for a few minutes and then went back to the club, deciding she had too much to drink.

She danced to the music, grinding her body against a woman who had been checking her out ever since she walked in when she felt someone else's hands on her body. It was a man, but she couldn't tell more. She wanted to turn around so that she could see his face, but her body wouldn't follow her mind.

"Just let go, Hermione...", he whispered with his deep, baritone voice. His hands on her body, his lips near her ear and his voice in her head... Time stopped for her, it was like they were alone in the room. He was everything... Mesmerising, hypnotising, intoxicating... She was ready to do whatever he asked of her, all she wanted was to completely surrender to him. When he put his hand on her inner thighs she sighed and when the tips of his fingers touched the soft lips of her pussy, she moaned. His lips were on her neck now, nibbling on the sensitive flesh there, and she was nothing but his. He started massaging her cunt lips and her clit, getting her wetter and wetter, but when she was about to climax he stopped, leaving her breathless with her inner walls spasming lightly.

Dazed and confused she turned around, coming face to face with the man who made her feel hornier than she's ever felt before. Although her current body was much taller -about 5' 8"- and she was in high heels the man was still taller. He had a thin but toned body and he was wearing a black suit. He looked about 50, maybe a bit younger... He had long black hair streaked with gray, deep dark eyes and a large nose. He seemed very familiar but she just couldn't remember where she'd seen him before.

He took her in his arms and lead her outside. It was as if they were floating instead of walking, she felt so light. Like she had no body... He held her even tighter and buried his face in her hair. Suddenly they weren't outside the club anymore. They were at a forest... Was it the Forest of Dean? He slowly pulled away from her but remained close to her. They looked in each other's eyes and she could see hesitation in his onyx orbs. She wanted to be with this man so much it hurt. She needed him...

"Please...", she whispered and before he got a chance to reply her lips were on his. It was a soft, tender kiss that offered more comfort than passion. For the first time in ages, she felt peaceful. Without putting much thought to it, she cast a non-verbal Divesto and she stood bare before him. He opened his eyes and seeing her he tried to pull away. She clung to him and begged him not to stop kissing her but he moved away. Holding her hands in his larger ones, he spoke softly "This is neither the time, nor the place Hermione."

He started walking away and she attempted to follow him but he told her not to. "I have to leave, Hermione. I can't stay any longer."

"Please, don't leave like that! Don't leave me...", she cried.

He stopped for a moment and turned around, "This isn't the end Hermione... Just promise me you won't give up on me, ever."

She ran to him, "I promise! Just don't-

go...", she said but he was gone before she finished her sentence.

A voice from behind startled her, "Hay gorgeous!".

She turned around and saw someone she hadn't seen in 25 years, "F-Fred? Is that you? It can't be you!"

Ignoring her questions, he continued speaking, "Did you mean what you said before?"

"What?", she asked confused.

"That wish you made... Do you remember?"

Unsure, she replied "Uhh... Yeah... What's going on?"

"Well sweetheart, it's your lucky day."

"What do you mean? Just please answer me!", she yelled.

"Hay, no need to raise our voices. Never know who could be listening... Look, I'm doing you a favor here. Six hours ago you made a wish-"

"SIX HOURS AGO?", Hermione shouted.

"Shh! Don't shout girl! Like I said, you made a wish. Did you mean it?"

"Absolutely.", she replied with no hesitation.

"What if I told you that I can make your wish come true but you had to give me something?"

"Nothing's free. What do you want? I doubt it's money.", she said.

"You're right, it's not money. The price is much more."

"I can give up my marriage, my family, my friends, my job, everything I own. Nothing matters."

"How 'bout your soul?", he asked curiously.

Hermione didn't know how to respond. Living without a soul would be...not living. "No. I can't give up my soul."

"Your heart?"

"No! What-What's life without love, without a heart? No, no way!"

He looked disappointed, "I suppose your mind is out of the-". He suddenly froze and looked up. After a few moments he spoke, "Hold on a second", and went behind a tree. A few minutes later he returned with a smile on his face. "It seems that there's been a change in our plans. No need to worry, it's a pleasant one. The reason we came to you is because you wished for something you desperately wanted to come true. In wizards and witches, their magic fuels their desire and we -or others like us- appear. Normally, we make the wishes come true in exchange for the person's heart, mind or soul. However, it seems that we have an offering.", he explained.

"An offering? Someone offered their soul?", she asked perplexed.

"Her life. Which is mind, heart and body. More than enough! So, we can either kill two birds with one stone by making both your wishes come true or I leave both of you to your misery. Your call."

"I-I'm drunk. Should you be asking me now?"

"There's no should 'Mione. Only can and will. So what will it be? The clock's ticking, you have to make a choice.", he said coming closer and closer.

She tried to think but it was as if her mind was blocked, "I-I...Uhh... My head feels like it's going to explode!".

He took a step back, "Alright, no pressure. Although you really have to hurry. You may want to wait but Miss Anna South is standing on the edge of a roof as we speak. The faster you think the faster her suffering ends.".

"Okay, okay! I'll do it.", she said nervously.

"You won't regret this", he smiled at her. "Just repeat your wish and leave the rest to me, alright?"

Taking a deep breath, she spoke "I wish... I wish that I could be in some other time and place, with someone else's soul-"

"No!", he interrupted her. "You're keeping your soul, remember? Change the "soul" part."

"I wish that I could be in some other time and place, with someone else's family and someone else's face.", she said as clearly as possible and then everything went black. Before she passed out though, she heard Fred telling her something that sounded like "Wise choice of words".

25 Years Later (New Fanfiction Story)


Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Disclaimer II: This chapter contains parts of Red Hen's essay "Deconstructing Miss Granger" and is generally inspired by it. I am a HUGE fan of Red Hen, the woman is a goddess! I agree with 99% of what she writes, I even have parts of her essays on my profile. I quote her like Christians quote the Bible. Everyone reading this, go read her essays!

A/N: It is set in 2023, 6 years after the oh-so-wonderful Epilogue. I don't know about you, but it seemed a bit too perfect for me. In this story, Hermione is miserable and hates her life. She went through the "desperate housewife" stage, the "murderous wife" stage, the "cheating wife" stage and now she's pretty much given up on life. She isn't suicidal but she's exhausted and full of hate. If she were a teacher, she'd be like Snape.

P.S.: MY Hermione is far from "nice" and many things she has done or will do in this fic are/will be morally questionable.

Chapter 1, "She Knew It All"

It was a warm August evening in London and Hermione Granger - no, Weasley was sitting at her favorite table, at her favorite place in the world. That's right, Callie's Cafe was her favorite place in the world. She liked it better than the park near the house she grew up, she liked it better than Hogwarts, better than The Burrow, better than Grimmauld Place, better than her house in Hogsmeade and better than any bookshop she had ever visited or dreamt of...

So she sat there, with her long legs crossed, her hand holding a cup of cafe au lait, her slightly curly black hair up in a sexy bun and most of her brown skin exposed. She wasn't wearing much, not much at all. Just her black, high heeled sandals, a dress and a golden bracelet on her left hand. Her current body did not come with large breasts so a bra was unnecessary and she loved the way being outside without panties made her feel. She looked rather lovely in that dress. It was short and tight, with a revealing Sweetheart neckline. The colour was orange, which never looked good on her when she was in her real body. She loathed that body...

She loathed everything that was real in her life. Her real job, her real friends, her real family... She had always been neurotic, even as a child. Now, she was a nervous wreck. Seven years ago she had managed to built a tolerance to even the strongest anti-stress potions and now the same was happening with the Muggle pills she took. The last time she went to her doctor to get more, he told her that Xanax aren't tic tacs and that she was already taking too much. Like he could ever understand what she was going through...

Hermione Granger -no, Weasley, knew it all. It took her three decades but she finally lived up to her title. After 32 years she could see through all the lies...

She knew that her parents never really supported her. She had lied to herself for many years, trying to convince herself that her parents loved her. It was only natural; It's never easy to come to terms with the fact that your parents think you're a freak and don't even want to spend 3 months of the year with you. That they never write to you and they respond with one-liners to 3-page long letters. Not being able to understand was a pitiful excuse. She couldn't believe it, not when they hadn't asked her one thing about the Wizarding World.

She knew that people gave her too much credit in the academic arena. She nearly came apart while studying for her OWLs and she got 11. Bill Weasley, Percy Weasley and Barty Crouch Jr. got 12 and none of them was ever called "The Brightest Wizard of his age". She was just an perfectionist overachiever with a photographic memory. It took her many years to learn wandless and non-verbal magic. She is a dreadful duellist and she never got the hang of DADA. Sure, she can remember the theory but that's it. And although she has probably spent years of her life with her head buried in a book, it was either research for a school project, something to help Harry and Ron or job-related. Her brain is filled with information that never actually helped her. She can't remember of a book that has changed her life, the way she sees things, or just made her feel better. She now knows that books can never teach you about life; but then again, maybe she has been reading the wrong books...

She knew that she hadn't been nearly as mature as people thought she was when she was at Hogwarts. She gave the impression that she was beyond all the things girls her age were interested in such as boys, fashion and make-up unintentionally at first. For some time, it was true. However, when these things started to interest her she was unable to show it, having to keep up her "mature" image. So instead of being viewed as a late bloomer -which she was- her teachers and other adults thought her mature. Up until ten years ago she never once failed to rise to the bait whenever Ron made a stupid comment. A mature person would have realised that she was being deliberately teased by someone who was clever enough to be perfectly aware of what bothered her. Instead, she chose to analyse and fight over every word that left his lips. This was not exactly the way a mature person would act...

She knew that she was a bitch. As a small child, preteen, teenager, young woman and young mother, she was very insecure. Something she covered by being bossy and pushy. Then push came to shove and she stopped caring. When Hermione Granger -no, Weasley, got over her insecurities but realised that she was still acting as bitchy as ever, she accepted the fact that she was a bitch. And now she didn't care. She had reached a whole new stage of apathy. She was miserable and numb...

She knew that it didn't come naturally. Twenty-five years ago she had all the potential to change but she made all the wrong choices. She chose to pay attention to the wrong things and ignore the ones that really mattered. She used to crave for social influence and popularity and wasted precious energy trying to achieve these things with the wrong methods. Now she couldn't care less about what people thought of her. Well, that was a lie; she just didn't care if people liked her. She was a very miserable woman and she wanted to make others feel her misery too. It wasn't fair but life wasn't fair either. And she was tired. She didn't want to hate, but that's all she had in her...

She knew that she had made all the wrong decisions, especially when it came to her personal life. Ronald Weasley was the first boy she ever liked, back when she was in her Second Year. She wanted him and she finally got him. However, like a wise man once said: the price of getting what you want is getting something you once wanted. She had a huge crush on Ron for a couple of years but as the time passed and he was still ignoring the fact that she was a girl (or simply doing nothing about it) she was slowly but steadily getting over him. Yet, she welcomed his advances when he decided he was ready to notice her because she was stubborn enough to hang onto him just because she has invested so much of her time and energy into getting him, whether she enjoyed having him or not. And when she saw that wasn't working she tried to change him, which was an even worse idea. Yet, she still stayed with him despite all the difficulties and not because she loved him. After the war people wanted -needed- to focus on something other than chaos, so they focused on the lives of their Heroes. Ron and her were one of the two "Golden Couples" along with Harry and Ginny. So she stayed...

She knew that marrying him was the biggest mistake of her life. They had been on and off for a few years and then they got married when they mistakenly thought she was pregnant. When they discovered that she wasn't it was too late. They were too famous to take a divorce but even if they weren't, divorce was frowned upon in the Wizarding World. Then she got pregnant with her daughter, Rose Helena Weasley. Then Hell officially broke loose. The pregnancy wasn't that difficult although the birth was one of the worst experiences in her life. Rose cried all the time as a baby. She was either crying, screaming or -when she got older- causing havoc. Molly repeatedly offered to help, which she greatly appreciated at first. But after a few years, when the situation with Rose was getting worse and worse, Molly would still help but not without lecturing her on the fact that she couldn't handle one child when other women had handled seven. Hugo was easier. The pregnancy was relatively easy, considering the fact that she had to chase Rose around all the time and Ron was never there. He was always that way; he stayed long enough to make a mess, spoil the children and generally ruin everything she has managed to do and was absent the rest of the time. If she had a Galleon for every time she had wished to be single again...

She knew that she wasn't a good wife. But she really didn't think she was to blame. For the first 10 years she disliked him, then for a few years she hated him and ever since Hugo left for Hogwarts she just didn't care at all. She must have had sex with him 15 times in all the years they've been married. Her house was always clean but she wasn't a very good cook. But so far she hadn't killed him so in her opinion, she wasn't a bad wife either. And it's not like she told him anything about the women he saw. She said nothing about Morag, Pansy, Mandy or Astoria. Although she did have an affair with Draco Malfoy. Oh, how great that man was. Truly magnificent... He was a man, a real man. Who would have ever thought? Draco Malfoy was the best she'd ever had. The best kiss, the best shag, the best relationship. Gone was the arrogant little prat she knew at Hogwarts. Draco was a giving, passionate man who knew exactly how to treat a witch. How to make her feel special, and he always meant it. She could now say that she had loved. Every time her husband would call her rigid and cold-hearted she would know that she was a woman of passion. He just didn't have the skills to bring out that side of her. No matter what, she would always remember Draco Lucius Malfoy with love. He would always have a place in her heart, as the only man who ever touched it...

She knew that she wasn't a good mother. Now her children were old enough not be children anymore, she could admit it; she hated them. Rose was responsible for her anti-stress potion addiction. She was the most horrible child, always calling her names and hitting her. At first she thought it was a phase, Rose wasn't the only child that acted that way. Then Rosie hit puberty and continued acting the same, only it was hexing instead of hitting. And now Rosie was a grown woman, Hermione had accepted the fact that her daughter was a sodding bitch and she didn't like her much. She never knew why, but she never felt any connection with her children. Not when she was pregnant with them and not after they were born. Not even now, that they were real people. They felt strange to her, as if they weren't really hers. Hugo... Okay, she didn't hate Hugo. She didn't even dislike him much. But he was so... plain. So simple and ordinary. He and his cousin James were like Ron and Harry. The famous Potter with the less famous Weasley, who was of course the loyal sidekick and nothing more. Hugo was James' shadow, he had no personality of his own. She didn't hate him, but she didn't love him either...

Hermione Granger -no, Weasley was in a stage in her life where she knew exactly what went wrong but it was too late to fix it. Youth was wasted on the young, but she could not thing about that anymore.

So she finished her coffee, paid the bill and looked at the time. It was a bit early, but not too much. She went to change at the Ladies' Room, put her little black dress on and went to the nearest club. Today, it was her daughter's birthday. There was a party at the Burrow, and she wasn't there because she was going to a Muggle nightclub to dance her ass off with strangers. Tomorrow it would be her anniversary with Ron, and she wouldn't be there because she would be shagging in some stranger's bed.

The sad part was, that was the best part of her life.

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